About Us

The Great Cake Company was established in 2005 with the aim to provide a range of delicious, gluten-free cakes and snacks for sale across coffee shops, food emporiums, shops, venues, farmers markets, events and festivals in the South West.

The Great Cake Company’s pastry chef is Debbie Hicks, a former Harrods pastry chef who has a glittering career of 30+ years in the catering industry including many leading London hotels and artisan baking establishments prior to The Great Cake Company.

The business is run by Debbie and her partner Chris, both committed to the original aims of the company and together they aim to harness and support all the existing as well as new customers for the future growth of the business. “Between us, we deliver – Debbie bakes and I deliver” said Chris “It just works and our clients love the range of measures we have implemented to make everything easy when the products arrive in-store.”

During challenging times in 2020 we’ve had to adapt our business model slightly; we have always supported the retail market through attendance at farmers markets in addition to our established wholesale business in Bath and Bristol. However, 2020 has thrown down challenges and opportunities; so we have listened to a combination of demand and circumstances resulting in being able to offer a direct2home delivery service in the other areas around Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset.

We are always on the look out for suitable Retail and Deli outlets in the area and very happy to refer any retail clients we have in your area to your store. Ultimately, we’d like to have our Great Cakes in a range of food outlets around the 3 Counties to help drive more foot-traffic to store doors……..not doorsteps!

If you are interested in adding our range to your retail proposition do drop us a line here, or get in touch for a sample package to be delivered to your door!

The Great Cake Company Bakery Commercial Kitchen – on a quiet day !!
Last Inspected: 3rd March 2021
Authority: Mendip Food Standards Agency